stupid bank.  stupid rude people who work at the bank.  customer service, my aunt fanny’s fat butt.  i do, finally, have my account straightened out.  only a week and a half later.

now that i have the whining out of the way… gosh, i guess i’d better get moving to get this posted to keep up with my ‘once-a-week’ goal…

i’ve been taking vacation days this week, and will part of next week.  it is loverly.  my agency only allows us to carry over about 246 hrs. of vacation year to year.  last year, i carried that over AND lost about 130 additional vacation hours.  not.  happening.  again!  if i can help it.

i do have a little knitting and spinning content.  i’ve been trying to fill a bobbin with some very nice cream BFL singles.  almost done!

(click on me to super size me)

i’m spinning the singles on my Joy DT that i bought last year.  i just love this wheel!  it’s not the fanciest, but it met all of my criteria:  i could afford it, it fits into my smallish house, and it is practically idiot-proof!  and the ‘gothic window’ shape of the wheel is aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

(click on me to super size me)

knitting content… i haven’t been doing much, but i did start a new summery sweater the other day.  it’s the ‘Miley Tee’ from  it’s just a simple top-down, short sleeved little tee with a 2-3 button placket, and a purled gusset on each side seam that can be increased, or not, to be as swingy or as close as needed.  i’m doing mine in ‘I Love This Cotton’ in vintage teal.  the collar ribbing was started on US size 4 KP’s, and then moved up to US size 6.  pictures next time.

i hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time celebrating the birthday of the greatest nation on earth.  i know i did.  it certainly reminded me to appreciate what freedoms we are still able to enjoy here, and to remember every single person who has given in the pursuit of those freedoms.

happy knitting and spinning, y’all.


oh my, what a crap-tastic week. i’m sooo glad that it will be over soon. i guess the best place to start is at the beginning.
at the first of the year, my department made me a field training officer (fto), which essentially means that i will take new hires, and train them to be the ‘real’ police. now, when i say that my department ‘made’ me an fto, what i really mean is that i finally gave in to years of badgering. my first recruit has been, shall we say…’special’. this baby is barely 22 years old, fresh out of the academy, and doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. teaching and guiding this child has required patience and restraint that i never knew i had. tomorrow is his last day in fto (thank you God), and then he will be turned loose by himself (Lord help us all).

yesterday, while checking my on-line bank statements and debit card charges, i noticed a charge for $100.70, non-PIN, labeled ‘bill pay’, originating out of woodland hills, california.  i checked further, and found no bills paid out in that amount, and no payees in california.  uh-oh, fraudulent charge.  crap.  so, i got my police report, and called US Bank.  they agreed to send me the paperwork, etc.  what they didn’t tell me is that i will have no access to my accounts for 10+ days.  i can’t even log in, and monitor my checking account.  i also have a car payment that will be going through in a day or so…will it get paid?  who knows.  i have to call customer service back tomorrow, and see how many people can’t answer any of my questions.  i may start shopping for a new bank too.  luckily, i have a couple of credit cards, not connected to US Bank in any way, that i can buy food and gas on for a few days until this is handled.  but to COMPLETELY shut me out of my own accounts?  really?  US Bank, you officially suck.

to top it all off… tonight, while getting ready for work, i managed to ruin a pair of class A uniform pants.  one quick swipe of the iron (on the lowest setting) left a quarter-size hole melted into the pants.  i guess there will be no rushing into a burning building for me.  all kidding aside, i will definitely be having a hissy fit about this tomorrow at the main department.  if these pants melt that quickly at low temperatures, i can absolutely see one of us ending up in the arkansas children’s hospital burn unit before the end of the year.  and replacing these pants will get expensive, at about $55.00 a pop.  the department MIGHT replace one, even two, pairs.  after that, you will probably get a day suspended without pay for each pair you ruin.  or replace them secretly out of your own pocket.


to help keep my sanity, i have been spinning like a demon, trying to fill a bobbin with this lovely, creamy bfl i got when i bought my wheel.  i’m… almost… there.  i’ll put up some pics in a few days.  i’ll try to get some ‘almost finished’ pics of the XMIL1 shawl, a madli’s shawl from knitting estonian lace book by nancy bush.  i lack about 8 more repeats, and then the dreaded kitchnering to join the body to the first border.

happy knitting and spinning, y’all.

wow. blog-faded for two years. hard to believe it’s been so long. it’s not that stuff…life, knitting, work… hasn’t been going on, none of it made it into the blog. i’m thinking that needs to change. time to revive the old blog. i changed a couple of little things. i deleated a few old blog posts, mostly because they dealt with issues that are, well, just tired, to be quite honest. it’s been, what? two…three years? time to move on. on to better things. i’m setting a personal goal of blogging here at least once a week. i think that is reasonable and manageable.  i’ll have some new knitting to post, as well as some spinning.  yep, i bought myself a spinning wheel last year.  yay me!  i’ve been (slowly) learning the in’s and out’s of spinning, plying and the like over the past year.  there should be a few more photos this time (more upgraded equipment).  hopefully, some of my knitting FB girlies will be kind enough to let me link their great blogs here as well.  so, hello again out there.  i have a blog.  some work craziness, some knitting, and now, some spinning.  wish me luck.  we’ll see how this all plays out.

My mojo, that is.  All of it.  Knitting, blogging, working, hanging out.  Just.  Gone.  I guess I’m going through one of those little slumps where I just do not feel like doing anything, going anywhere, or being around people.  I’ve even missed the last couple of meetings of my newly-found knitting group.  So not like me.

I think part of my problem is that my youngest son has been spending summer vacation time with dad, grandparents, and other assorted relatives.  Not that I begrudge any of them spending time with him.  He needs to spend as much time as possible with the other side of the family.  I’m just not used to being away from either one of my boys for that long.  Of course, the oldest son is working, hanging out with friends, and gone a large part of the time as well.  I’ve never been able to sleep well without at least one of the boys in the house, and I haven’t been sleeping much for the past couple of weeks.

That’s my problem…I just need a few nights of really good sleep!!

I have been knitting, even through my slump, I’m just not enjoying it very much.  I’m still plugging away at ex-MIL #2’s ‘Ocean Tides’ shawl.  This one will absolutely be done in time for holiday giving.  I’m on the fourth (and longest) section, starting the fourth pattern repeat.  The sample done for the pattern only shows six pattern repeats, but I’m going with eight for a bit of extra width.  Right now, I’m just ready to get the silly thing done.

My newest family members are…a constant source of funny and frustration.  I have discovered that Seamus and Finn can’t eat from the same bowl anymore.  As young as they are, but both being males, it has resulted in some rather spectacular fights.  They both love to jump and do the ‘Tarzan’ on my curtains.  The other night, Finn flew off of the back of the couch, snagged my ball of ‘Ocean Tides’ lace weight (on purpose), and tore off through the house, trailing yarn and shawl behind.  I, of course, was in pursuit, code 3, yelling ‘STOP!’ and ‘NO!’ as if that would actually help.  The yarn and shawl was quickly apprehended without incident (didn’t even drop a stitch!), and returned to the owner.  No charges will be forthcoming.

Thanks to all of my friends, BB Girls, and FB buddies for both the kind words remembering Officer Cannon’s family, and all of the very kind FB comments on my FO pictures.  Y’all sure do know how to make a girl feel good!

I went to a funeral today. 

On Friday, June 19, 2009 at 0635 hours, Plumerville, AR. Assistant Police Chief Joseph ‘Joey’ Cannon conducted at traffic stop on a black Ford F-150 truck that, upon running the license tag through ACIC/NCIC, showed to be a stolen vehicle.  As Joey approached the driver’s window, the driver, holding a loaded .38 cal. pistol against his chest, shot Joey once in the chest.  The truck’s passenger bailed out, and immediately surrendered to the Conway County deputy who was on scene as Joey’s back-up.  The driver fled the scene, but Joey was able to return fire, firing four rounds to cover the deputy as he arrested the passenger.  The deputy realized the gravity of the situation when he saw Joey, on his knees, in the middle of the road.

The call “Officer down” went out, and all available units responded, including Joey’s own son, who is also a Conway County Deputy.  Joey coded on the scene, and was transported to Conway Regional Hospital, but died of his wounds around 0730 hours on that date.

The suspect was captured shortly after the first BOLO went out, after a short foot chase, on Hwy. 365 in the Mayflower area, by Faulkner County Deputies and Troopers with the Arkansas State Police.  The suspect is in jail, and today, was indicted on one count of Capital Murder.

I knew Joey Cannon for more than 20 years.  I was still in high school when he began his career in law enforcement.  He was a fixture in our lives for nearly thirty years.  He always came when he was needed.  He was always there.

Joey’s funeral was just as amazing as the dedication he showed every day to the people he served.  Besides family and friends, there were over 500 marked patrol units.  The Patriot Guard Riders were on hand to pay their respects, and to assist the local law enforcement.   Governor Mike Bebee and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (a former police officer himself) attended, and AG McDaniel spoke eloquently, at one point, with tears in his eyes.

The 35 mile drive from the church to Antioch cemetery was punctuated with hundreds of men, women, and children standing along the procession route, heads bowed, hands over their hearts, and waving Old Glory in a final farewell to a good friend and a dedicated law enforcement officer.

The tiny Antioch Church cemetery was packed with family, friends, co-workers, and law enforcement officers from every possible branch, and agencies from every corner of the state of Arkansas.  For many of us, it was like ‘old home days’.  During the procession, a storm blew up and the rain fell in sheets, but the good Lord saw fit to give us a short reprieve during the graveside service. 

The flag was folded, the rifles were fired.  Taps resounded.  The piper played “Danny Boy”, and then “Amazing Grace” as he walked off over the top of the rise.  Over a patrol unit radio, we all heard the words.

“Dispatch to Unit 401”.    “Dispatch to Unit 401”.    “Unit 401 to Dispatch.  I’m 10-7 (end of shift).  10-42 (I’m at home)”.

Yes, Joey.  Your shift is finished, and you are home.  Have a good rest, my friend.  You did good.

Cops tend to be an odd bunch.  No, really, we are.  We tend to be cliquish, we use gallows humor way too much, we are a bit paranoid at times, and we always insist on sitting back to the wall, facing the door in a restaurant.  It drives us crazy if we can’t.  We have our reasons for all of this.  It may not make sense to other people, but they are valid to us.

We even tend to seem a bit ‘crazy’, if you will, at times.  There are reasons for that.  Witness just a very small sampling of what we hear on a daily basis.  These are actual dispatched calls:

Need a deputy to respond to John Q. Public’s address in reference to a theft of property.  Complainant wants a report of lost or stolen ducks.  Yes, ducks.  The kind that go ‘quack’.  The complainant states that the ducks were in his pond last night, and are now missing.  Complainant believes the ducks were stolen.  Requires a report.

Need a deputy to respond to Jane Q. Public’s residence in reference to a male/female disturbance.  Female complainant states the male has locked himself inside the residence.  Female states that the male is drunk, and is trying to set the dog on fire.  Female complainant will meet the deputy in the front yard.

Need a deputy to respond to Jane Doe’s residence in reference to a trespassing/disturbance call.  Female complainant states that her husband, John, is taking all of her personal belongings out of the house, and selling those items to unknown individuals who are trespassing on her property.  Complainant states that she is not having a yard sale.

And people wonder why we are the way we are.  But, you have to admit, you can’t PAY for this kind of entertainment.  Anywhere.

On the knitting front, I am still plugging away at the Goddess Knits ‘Ocean Waves’ shawl for the ex-MIL.  I have finally made it to the fourth chart, the ‘Razor Shells’.  This, also, is a bit of slow going.  This is the shortest, easiest chart in the whole pattern, and somehow, I keep managing to mess it up.  ‘Tink’ is now my new middle name.  Eventually, I will finish this shawl.

My ‘Tomato’ is, of course, no more.  But…I think it’s time to do the cute ‘Tomato’ cardi.  I think the yarn will be much happier that way, and I need a new little something to wear to court.

Got a couple of new books.  I haven’t cast on yet, but so far, I highly recommend them.


Speaking of socks…how cute are these?  Five little tiny inches long.  I know some baby feet that need shodding.  I think these will be perfect.

Wow, bad pic.  These are ChiaoGoo 5″ bamboo, US size 1.

We have two new additions to the family:  Seamus (the tabby), and Finn (the solid).  They are…something.  We need to conduct a few ‘kitten taming’ exercises.  I found my working yarn on a pair of socks-in-progress chewed through.  Right now, I totally blame Seamus.


This weekend at work provided a tongue-lashing and some much-needed humor.  I’ve said it before, I will say it again…these are the people who provide me with job security.

I got to assist one of my guys first thing this morning.  First thing as in 0540 hours first thing.  Adam got a DWI this morning.  My main job, once I got on shift, was to sit with the car and wait for the wrecker.  Not especially difficult.  Not even in the pouring rain that we’ve had for the past two weeks.  Oh, and a quick inventory search of the driver’s side of the car, once it gets pulled out of the ditch.  No problem.  Wrecker gets there.  I tell the driver I need to search when he gets the car out.  Driver hooks up, pulls the car almost out of the water-filled ditch.  Driver says “Go do your search”.  So, here I am, searching, standing half -way in the ditch.  All of a sudden, I feel a lurch.  I feel both me and the car rolling backwards toward the ditch.  Did I mention that this was a deep water-filled ditch?  Yours truly nearly ended up a$$ over tea kettle in the ditch.  Under a car.  Mr. Wonderful Wrecker Driver had backed up the wrecker to line up the dolly bar under the front wheels, and was PUSHING THE CAR BACK.  With me standing next to it.  I’m sure that you can imagine the torrent of, shall we say “colorful”, language that I directed toward the wrecker driver.  I think he got the message.  I’m sure there will be a complaint waiting on me when I get back to work on Wednesday. 

I found out later that Adam took Mr. DWI/Cocaine/Marijuana to jail, with Mr. DWI showing out all the way.  Appearantly, Mr. DWI went into the cell, walked up to the biggest man in there, and got in his face.  Needless to say, Mr. DWI, all 5’7, 160 lbs. of him, was quickly given an ‘attitude adjustment’.  Mr. DWI was trying to use the old “Get my butt whupped in jail, get out of jail free” card.  That plan didn’t have the intended outcome for Mr. DWI.  Mr. DWI went to the hospital to get his head stitched up, and then went BACK to jail.  With more charges.  I love it when Karma kicks in, don’t you?

Part of the reason that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks is that…I’ve actually been knitting.  And blocking knitting.  And starting new knitting.  I finally blocked the Goddess Knits ‘Mandala’ shawl that I made for my aunt.

'Mandala' by Goddess Knits...finally blocked

'Mandala' by Goddess Knits...finally blocked


Leeza’s Mandala specs:  KnitPicks ‘Jewels’ heather laceweight merino, 440 yards/hank, used just short of 4 hanks, US size 3, 4, and 5 needles.  Blocked size:  about 62 inches across.



This will be in the mail ASAP. 

I also finished my Queen Anne’s Lace shawl, in pink laceweight from 100purewool (they are having a sale right now, squeeeee!!).  Next post, pics of the before blocking/after blocking of lace for LeAnn in my local knitting group!